Markeisha and Robert, Chicago, Ill. June, 20th 2014

Robert and Markeisha’s Trip to Chicago One thing I missed about leaving Facebook was keeping up with these two and their great adventures and the journey through life that they have chosen to take together. I have given them the best advice that I could think to give a daughter and a great young man

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New John Dough website

My man Donney McMullin (Sincere) is launch his new John Dough Brand clothing site check him out.

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New Project: The Waiting Room

My nephew Travis Valdez is a very talented musician so when he asked to help him with his project “”The Waiting Room” I was very excited! Here it is This track is my favorite….

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Breaking Up With Facebook

WHY I DELETED MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT I recently deleted my Facebook account, and it was not a second too soon. I am a creative so I love to think up new stuff and create. Most of the people that I had as friends on Facebook were not creatives but are business related or working class